New Style of X*plosion <3




Today i would show you some special news from X*plosion



1. Skin


Xplosion Lilly Skin Milk1


Xplosion Lilly Skin Vanilla1


Xplosion Lilly Skin Cappuccino1



The lovely Lilly Skin in 6 different Tones.



2. Ears

Xplosion Ears Simple

o 1

o 4

o 2

o 3

The Ears available as simple Version or with small and big Tunnel, lovely Flowers or rocking aweasome Ears you see at the pictures.

3. Boobs

Xplosion Boobs

b pier

As first Designer X*plosion presents big Boobs. You can change it easy with the hud and as a second special you can put cute piercings on it.

4. Hands

Xplosion Hands Relaxed

Xplosion Hands Lefty

Xplosion Hands Righty

As next comes the Hands. They also easy change with the hud and all comes with 20 different Nail Colors.

5. Feets

f 1

f 2

Last but not least i would show you the feets. They also easy change with the hud.

The Last thing what i should say now is – i wish you sooo much fun to create your own New Style Avatar from X*plosion ❤

Happy Shopping Ladys



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